Boudoir photographer specialized in boudoir and women's portraits in Aveiro.


Aveiro, Portugal
Available for travelling.


A unique experience that will give you a new vision of your true self.


...something different for someone special...


We all have different versions of ourselves. Our personality and stance change through life, and when you enter a shoot it is no different! These are not different people. These are different versions of the same person. And you can be one of them. There's no room for negative self-talk in my studio; there's only room for celebrating all the little details that are part of ourselves; they tell our history, and that history deserves to be seen and celebrated.

It was undoubtedly a unique experience. I felt completely at ease, I felt powerful. When I saw the final result I thought “Wow, how’s this possible?”, all the photos looked amazing!
Every woman should enjoy an experience like this, just so they can see how powerful we can be.
Íris is, without a doubt, an excellent professional, she pays attention to all details and makes you feel at ease. I can’t thank her enough, I loved it!


I’m a shy “girl”, who’s always felt insecure about her body, and I never found it to be worthy of being photographed. All this happens because wherever I looked, all I saw (and still see) was the representation of thin, toned bodies without cellulite. I’m none of these things, not even close. With a lot of inner work, I’ve been changing the way I see myself and my body, and the shoot I did with Íris was definitely a very important step in that direction!
Íris captures our body the way it exactly is, and makes you feel worth of love and consideration. I felt completely at ease with her, and the stress I felt dissolved a few minutes into the shoot, and I couldn’t be happier with the result! With these incredible photos I understood that, even with my size, I’m worthy, I’m valid, I’m sexy! It was one of the best experiences in my life. It hurts to get out of our comfort zone, but it is SO worth it! Thank you Íris, for being the talented professional that you are, and for contributing to a more accepting society in current times.


I never liked myself, I always felt fat, and always took other people’s opinions to heart, and it hurt a lot.
I’ve always let their opinions get to me, so here’s some advice: love yourself, without prejudice. Enjoy the companionship of others.
Take care of your mental and physical health. Enjoy your routine. But, above all, keep in your heart the best things in life. Don’t let go of your dream of being happy with yourself. The search for happiness justifies your existence.
The more you love yourself, the less you’ll resemble anyone else, which makes you unique.

If you’re still doubting yourself, book a shoot with Íris because thanks to her talent and love everything became more beautiful.

Working with Íris was amazing. You know you’re in good hands. The love she has for what she does truly flows through the shoot.
Her passion and and dedication are restless, just like her talent! I hope I have the opportunity to shoot with her again! The experience was unique and the photos speak for themselves.

If I had an ounce of shame about my body, Íris has completely annihilated it.
Thank you so much!



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